Soil Water Solutions


Soil Water Solutions makes (or sources) a number of useful equipment items needed for measuring the physical properties of soils.  If we dont list an item of soils equipment you need, then we are willing to use our contacts to find it. If it is of general use, then we may stock it in the future.

Infiltration Equipment: Needed to measure the way water gets into soil and moves while in the soil.  We sell infiltrometer devices in various configurations for different circumstances and measurements. For example we sell open ring infiltrometers and disc (suction) permeameters for surface infiltration measurements and borehole (Talsma) infitrometers for measuring water flow rates at depth in a soil profile. (click on ‘infilration’ in panel to the left)

Soil sampling equipment: Soil sampling equipment needs to be matched to the purpose to which the sample is to be put.  We have tanner samplers to take intact soil samples and augers and tube sampler accessories to take disturbed samples. (click ‘sampling gear’ in panel on left)

Soil Water sensors and controllers.  Generally speaking we do not sell sensors because we are often in the position of advising on sensor selection. However, we do make TDR buriable sensors and a NON electronic) device for automatic control of water in pots (click on sensors in left hand panel)

Laboratory Equipment: As research labs shut down their stores facilities (to save money???) most no longer have people skilled in finding gear. I get a lot of enquiries like “where can I get ....?” Items of general interest are listed under ‘Lab. equipment’ Things like scales to stick on tubes to measure depth of water.  (click on Lab equipment in panel to left)

Soil Survey Equipment: Soil Survey seems to be a reviving art, but a lot of old knowledge seems to have been lost.  This area lists items like Munsell colour books, and scales to hang on soil pits to aid photo interpretation. (click on ‘survey’ in panel to left)