Soil Water Solutions


Services provided by Soil Water Solutions do not include chemical or fertility analysis of soils, but if you need to know the physical conditions in your soil or need your soils mapped, or need equipment for soil measurements, advice or training about how to improve your soils then Soil Water Solutions can probably help you.  If a service or item of soil related equipment is not listed then feel free to contact us, and if we cannot do it then we will find you someone who can. If you have a question related to any of our services don't hesitate to contact us

 phone 61 08 82767706 email

Soil water solutions provides :
1. Laboratory services
to measure physical properties of soil
2. Consultancy services providing soils advice, which may include mapping, soil sampling, identifying soils problems in the field
3. Training services ranging from extended training workshops for growers to short talks to community groups like home gardeners.
4. Equipment. Many items of soil measuring equipment are difficult to obtain in Australia and extremely expensive if sourced overseas.  Soil Water Solutions markets a number of hard to get equipment items used in soil survey and field soil assessment.